A number for participants have successfully completed our training.

Why do our motel management training?

Training ‘onsite’ with owners of a motel is sometimes an option.

Our participants however recommend undertaking training as it will give you a head start, and you will be prepared so will feel less pressured.

In addition, feeling confident allows you to enjoy your role as Motel Manager and just as importantly your guests.

Steve and Dianne

Steve and Dianne completed the training course in January 2021. Although they were already business savvy, they still chose to do the training course to learn the ‘flow’ of how a motel operates, the computer booking system and administration required.  

Dianne and Steve have since worked in a myriad of motels and caravan parks throughout Queensland, NSW, and Victoria and they know they can contact us 24/7 if ever they just want a chat. Recently Steve and Dianne updated their resume, and they were reminded of how much work they had undertaken in totally amazing places. Steve and Dianne love travelling and enjoy stopping to explore in between contracts in their caravan.

They are also our preferred managers when we take leave from the motel we are currently managing.

Wayne and Wendy

Wayne and Wendy were our first ever participants at our inaugural motel management training course prior to us being known as nearly 3 years ago now!  We still stay in regular contact and when asked Wayne and Wendy confirmed they remain firm advocates of our training and to illustrate this this have recommended several couples to us (including Alan and Ann featured below).  Both Wendy and Wayne continue to be firm believers that all motel managers must know the processes of managing a motel manager prior to ‘going it alone.’ Their opinion is the guest comes first and how can you make a guest relaxed if you don’t really feel comfortable with what you are doing?”

 Wayne and Wendy love the flexibility of being relief motel managers and have enjoyed managing a circuit of motels in Queensland when they needed to be close to family however are now working and travelling further afield.

Ann and Alan

Ann and Alan completed their training with in October 2021.

Both Alan and Ann had prior careers in customer service, management, and training however still chose to complete training. In Alan’s own words, training gave us a head start and we felt prepared and therefore less pressured when we managed our first motel.

After completing their training, they completed a 3-month stint in Mackay as relief motel managers which they found to be a fantastic learning curve. Combined with their recent work experience, training and previous work experience they have now secured a contract with Discovery Parks relieving at over 30 coastal properties. To say they make us all green with envy with photos of their travel is an understatement.

Krissy and Paul

Krissy and Paul completed their training with in February 2022.

Krissy and Paul commenced work experience at the Seaton Arms Motor Inn, Albury soon after commencing the training and then within a week were signed up as employees. Fast forward another 7 weeks of casual employment they were made the Acting Managers!

They are really enjoying their permanent role and have been instrumental in implementing many improvements including a new management property management system. Honestly, speaking to them both is like a breath of fresh air with their newfound energy and confidence.

Krissy and Paul’s long-term goal is to be relief motel managers and travel…. we can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.

Tanya and Darren

Tanya and Darren completed their training with in January 2022. They were our very first online participants and added value to the course by helping to iron out any glitches which was much appreciated.

Both being from management backgrounds and being previous accommodation owners Tanya and Darren are enjoying their new roles and have plenty of work lined up well into 2023.

They have commented that they are enjoying their adventure immensely and that training has given them the edge and the confidence to succeed.