Looking for work that gives you the freedom to travel? Then relief motel management is for you!

Open the door to a multitude of opportunities to live and work around Australia in the motel industry

Fred and Di established motelsos.com based on their experiences commencing as relief motel managers in 2018.

Our aim was to work together, travel and spend more time with our families. We knew we would enjoy working in the accommodation industry since we owned and managed short-term and long-term rental properties.

Despite having many transferable skills and knowledge between us such as administration, accounting, bookkeeping, customer service, garden, and pool maintenance it was considered, ‘we would be great’ and ‘it would be easy to learn to manage a motel whilst working one.’

This was not exactly true because it became apparent, that we lacked the specific skills and capabilities required to manage a motel which led to concerns and a loss of confidence, as we knew we were not fulfilling our obligations as motel contractors as easily or as best we could. We entered this industry to have fun – and at times to commence with it was not fun!

Because our expectations on entering the motel industry were not met, it became our aim for new entrants to the accommodation industry to be more aware of the expectations, skills and knowledge required to be successful.

Hence, we decided to develop relevant training to empower new entrants into the accommodation industry with confidence, skills, and knowledge so that they can manage using best-known processes.

Plus, Di could utilise her skills from her 30+ year career in Human Resources and work in my two favourite areas of training and then with fully trained and skilled training participants, recruitment.

Looking to the future our aim is to inspire, create and maintain a network of motel professionals and specialists including owners, operators, relief managers, permanent managers and contractors who all bring their talents, skills and enthusiasm to the industry.

Our goals are to:

  • Raise awareness that relief and permanent motel management in small to medium sized motels is a career path especially in regional Australia.
  • Attract, recruit, train and retain motel managers who will uphold the reputation of customer service excellence to all guests and add value to the running of, and therefore the profitability of the motel where they are presiding.
  • Improve motel managers ability to undertake all required motel procedures in a capable and proficient manner including Property Management Systems
  • Ensure ongoing support and assistance is provided to all motel industry stakeholders financial wellbeing through the provision of up to date and motel savvy accounting and insurance advice
  • Raise awareness of the need to develop a remuneration strategy for contract relief and permanent motel managers and register with Fair Work Australia.